Meet The Founder

Hi! I’m Dorothy, Founder + CEO of Doty Goods. 

I’m grateful that we’ve crossed paths. 

I decided to start Doty Goods for the sheer passion of making authentic Haitian products accessible to you. I wanted to pay homage to my homeland, and thus I came up with this line that is crafted to be natural, wholesome, with a touch of traditional Haitian taste. 

I’m on a mission to help aid the sustainable development of our local economy. It is an effort on my part to support farmers/vendors and building their livelihoods. I focus on small scale farmers because I deeply believe in the right ways of farming using traditional methods. These farmers have more connection and commitment to the earth. They yield products with deeper flavors and aromas and therefore healthier for you. This product line brings me so much joy, I hope you love them as much I do. 

A Woman-Owned-Business(WOB). Made In Haiti. Owned By Haitian. I take pride in bringing you the best of Haiti. Welcome to Doty Goods.