The Sensational Box


The Sensational Box includes Premium Haitian Ground Coffee, Pure Haitian Cacao, Guava Jelly, and Grapefruit Marmalade.

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Customer Reviews

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Organic and healthy 💥💥

That's an amazing project to ship in USA these safe, healthy and organic products made in Haiti. I enjoy shopping on😍

Felixia Verneret
Love the products

I always enjoy getting your products they are very tasty love it

Belchard Metellus

I m very happy with my order, thanks Doty Goods, everything tastes good , 10 stars from me ,

Anthony D
Great products!!

I got this as a birthday present for my mom, who was born and raised in Haiti. She loved everything about it from the packaging down to the smells

Emmanuela Lebrun
Thank you for the journey back in time.

I often speak nostalgically about my years as a young child in Haiti. My american born sister gifted me the sensational box from Doty Goods upon coming across the product on Facebook. To say that I was skeptical is an understatement. How could ANYTHING taste like it did in Haiti? Well, I WAS WRONG. I cried the first time I tried these products, literally cried. The execution and taste is so spot on that these products took me back to specific occasions/images from my childhood. I don't know how this company was conceived but I am grateful it was. I have since gifted the same box to our Mom, very old school, who was even more skeptical than me. I had to force her to accept the gift! Like me, she can't believe how good and true to tradition these products are. Thank you. Thank you for giving me back a cherished part of my memories in Haiti. May your business thrive because I hope to always be able to purchase these products.